Thursday, September 27, 2012

Corrin Gets A Little Intellectual

Fall [fawl]: noun
the season of the year that comes after summer and before winter; autumn.

I can't believe it's already fall! 
I've lived in Los Angeles for almost an entire year now. 
So much experience, so many friendships, so many blessings!

I'm getting all mushy. *Squish squish*, here we go! I'm also using way too many exclaimation  points. Let me get it out of my system... !!!!!!!!! 

The unfortunate thing about SoCal is that we don't really get to experience the seasons. Everyone freaks out around January-February. Literally two drops of rain fall and people are doing 15mph on the I-405 partially because they don't know how to drive in the rain, and partially because no one can afford good tires due to the population of starving artists. 
(Also, the roads are pretty bad here. But hey! We could be living in another country where rainfall means flooding and death. So... yay 'Merica!)

Whoops I just used another ! ... 
The ratio of ! to . is 4 to 4 for the overall blog post, by the way. So, really I'm not doing THAT horribly. 

Fall. Autumn. Harvest.
No seasons in Southern  California.
This basically means I look and smell weird when I wear sweaters.
(Partially because I am sweating, and partially because I use all natural deodorant. It really doesn't work that well. I have to shower a lot more than aluminum-wearers.)

I don't really care because I love sweaters. I  wear them all year 'round.  They're adorable and they give women a soft look. Guys look amazing in them too, especially sweater vests. Yummers. I found my awesome sweater vest/crazy button up combo at a NoHo Thrift Store called "St. Anne's Thrift Shop". It was awesome. Twenty dollars for the fantastic getup. Twenty whole dollars that went to good use helping at risk mothers and families.
I got something awesome and hopefully someone else did as well.  

I also got to let my inner nerd out.
(The whole sweater vest thing...)
Now all I need is some hot jock to throw me into a locker.
Hey, that doesn't sound so bad!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Corrin Gets A Little Medieval

What happened to the good ol' days when bandits in tightly fitted pants kidnapped princesses in mutton sleeved brocade dresses... Did brocade exist in those olden-golden-awesome times? 

Whatever. It did in the Hollywood rendition of Robin Hood.

Anyway, back to the brocade-clad princesses. Handsome men in funky tights would kidnap them and then princes with better-than-david bodies would come galloping through the dark forests brandishing shiny swords while their loosely fitted lace-up tops blew against their perfectly curled chest hair...(You know those tops. They look like a ship's sail. Why didn't those come tumbling back onto the floor of fashion when skinny jeans marched back in Like they owned the place?)

I don't have a vendetta against skinny jeans.
I really don't. They just should have brought the sexy prince charming shirts along. 

Being the Renaissance Gal that I am; 
Get it? You know, like Renaissance Man... 
I do a lot of things... 
but I'm a girl... 
and the whole medieval theme...
stupid joke.
Allow me to recover.

Being the gal that I am, I adore playing dress up. 
The top that has brought me to these glorious heights of delusional fantasy was purchased for less than $10 at Thrift NoHo. (Which has swiftly become one of my favorite places to shop, by the way.

It has a great feudal feel. how's that for alliteration?
Not to mention the awesome stripes 
and the sleeves that happen to cover the back of my hand.
How very Maid Marian of me! 

Today was the day to be that pretty princess that every 
girl, woman, grandma
I don't care what age you are, you've got that princess inside somewhere. 

Let her out.