Monday, December 12, 2011

Corrin gets a Little Combat-ish

Fashion is a funny thing. In the eyes of some people it defines you. Others may view it as materialistic nonsense for consumers. To me, Fashion is a beautiful expression of the heart, soul, and mind. A little bit about me: As you may have guessed my name is Corrin. (Everyone: Hi Corrin.) I'm a fashion-aholic. I don't plan on recovering either. (har dee har har...) I am also a fan of cheesy jokes. I love Elvis, classic beauties, CoCo Chanel and most of all I love Jesus! For my first post I thought I would talk about a fashion staple I added to my closet a little over 2 months ago. Combat Boots. Why do I love combat-style boots? They can add a little grunge to a dress or add flair to a blazer/skinny jeans combo. They basically go with everything and make me look like a bad a** with little to no effort.

1 comment:

  1. Still diggin those boots! ♥ Can't wait to see more fashion from LA! You are going to find some killer stores there. I love the little vintage types they have :)~Marsha