Saturday, February 18, 2012

Corrin Gets A Little Red

The Color Red. 
The eyes naturally are drawn to it.
It is said to evoke passion and courage when looked upon.  

Since we just passed Valentines Day
(Or should I say
"We made it through Valentines Day".
One carton of ice cream, 
one box of cookies, 
and two times through 'The Notebook' Later.
Am I right single ladies?
And Gentleman. Don't act like you didn't do that too.)

*ahem* Since we just passed Valentines Day,
I thought it would be appropriate to write 
a post on the color of 
love, lust and passion!

Over the years, 
Red has held symbolism in the religious, as well as day to day  activities of many cultures.
(Unless you're the Pope or Hester Prynne
you probably have never worn red because the church forced you to.)  

For example,
To celebrate the Chinese New Year, people don this famous color.
In the Russian culture, our featured color symbolizes beauty
Islamic and Hindu brides traditionally wear this eye catching hue. 
Buddhist and Shinto priests are often dressed in this color from head-to-toe.

I came across and interesting fact (maybe it's not a FACT, but whatever.)about Red.
 You singles out there might be able to use this to your wardrobe's advantage... 

"[Red]Stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate, increases enthusiasm, and encourages action and self confidence"
  - Kate Smith; CMG, CfYH []

Lets be honest,
when you see that sexy stranger across the room
you can rarely find the right words  to say
(or sometimes even the courage) to talk to them in the first place.
Why not bring them to you? 
If Red is really all it's cracked up to be, 
your new found shade might increase their blood pressure, heartbeat, enthusiasm...
and have them bee-lining it for your table. 

So next time you're out at the bar or a fun event; 
to h-e-double hockey sticks with the little black dress!
Blow the dust off of that hot little number in the back of your closet
or just go out and buy yourself a new one.
Spice up the last month of winter with your little Red dress.

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  1. Great post! Funny that my Gma is always telling me she loves me in my red shirt, although I actually don't own one! LOL Maybe I need to get one ;)