Saturday, January 21, 2012

Corrin Gets A Little Smelly

After taking one look at the title some of you may have thought to yourself 
"I'm not reading this.
or possibly 
 "...I have to read this
or maybe you thought something random like
 "Shoot did I leave my straightener on?! Lemme check out this blog post real quick.

Either way, you're here. Reading my blog post.

"Why are you thinking about smells at 1:30 in the morning?", you might ask. 
The Answer Is: I have no idea. 
I think about scents a lot. You may not even consider perfume or cologne to be a part of someone's "closet", but hear me out... maybe you'll change your mind! ;)

People have referred to me as having the nose of a "bloodhound". I think someone even nicknamed me 'The Bloodhound' once. What I'm trying to get across here is that scents are extremely influential in the little world of Corrin Evans. 

(...and I mean Little.Seriously. Not much happens here.) 

Oftentimes scents can make or break a wardrobe ensemble. 

If I am dressed for a night out on the town or a hot date wearing that little black dress or a sexy skirt and top; I love to pair a richer, spicy, intriguing scent with my outfit. If I'm out for an afternoon with the gals in a summery dress accented by wedged sandals; or even just jeans and a slub tee or sweater I spritz myself with a little something that is fresh, bright and maybe a little translucent when it brushes your nose. 
( get what I mean. Shut up, Corrin.)

If someone can dress well, I am impressed. If someone can wear their scent well on top of that I am beside myself. Male or Female; (and many of my dear friends can attest to this) if you have a subtle hint of a classy scent on your body I often get distracted or dazed and I am inclined to follow you around for the rest of the day. Old, young, women, men, gay, straight...
I don't care. 
Wear your scent well, and I am 
in love.

(Pictured Left to Right: Chanel "Chance Eau Tendre" Eau De Toilette Spray $68. Chanel "No. 5" Eau Premiere Spray $125)

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